Cod: RO 349
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28000.00 euro + TVA

Amazing Planet's playground includes everything a child could wish for an afternoon full of fun and cheerfulness. Our engineers have included one activity for every wish a child could have. They will be busy for hours, forgetting about boredom or fatigue. The playground presents a multitude of colorful decorative elements and digital prints.

Modular arranged on 3 levels: On level 3, we find a tubular spiral slide that ends in the ball pool, a thin cylinder obstacle, pyramidal bridge made of sponge elements, triangular obstacle, crossing net and a sponge cylindrical obstacle. On level 2 we find the entrance to a triple wave slide, two obstacles with thin cylinders of sponge, two vertical roller obstacles and a tunnel crossing. On the first level there are rectangular sponge obstacles, cylindrical obstacles and an access door.

The area for 0-3-year children is represented by a cottage with a plastic ball pool and a multicolored access staircase consisting of sponge cylinders. Also, there are various children's toys included, such as two horse-shaped swings, pyramid cubes with numbers, geometric shapes and a Lego area.

The ball pool is surrounded by a brightly colored safety fence.

Materials used: metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colored, fireproof and resistant to intense wear PVC. The thickness of PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr/m2. Unlike models that fit together rod by rod, our models have PVC with canvas insert, an advantage that gives it superior strength. ‘Pilsan’ brand superior quality plastics.


Arrangement code: RO-349

The arrangement contains:

- 3 floors modular playground: 4.48m wide, 10.88m long, 3.55m high

- 0-3-year children's area  with roof at 2.50m height

-75 m2 EVA pavement, 2cm thick. Puzzle application.

Age group: 0-3 years in the area dedicated to children under 4 years, 3-12 years for other equipment.

Total capacity: 35-40 children

Warranty: 24 months

Certifications: TUV/ EN 1176, ISCIR CERT

Space required: 100m2

Delivery: about 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the layout

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