2000 x 2000 x 400
Certificat CE, EN 14690
3 ani

12 luni

40-45 zile lucratoare
Prices are not currently updated, for details please contact us.
41800.00 euro + TVA
Shipping is not included in the price
  • Price:  EUR 95/m2
  • Size: 20m x 20m x 4m
  • Products can be customized upon request
  • Size L x l x H: 20m x 20m x 4m
  • The Inflatable Park comes together with interactive games and great challenges, offering fun opportunities and convincing us to move away from TV screens, phones, PC games and tablets.
  • This type of playground involves fun activities and movement, a place where you can compete against your friends or family members in various challenges such as: climbing wall, bypass obstacles, hip hop podium (jumping obstacles), slides, tunnel, maze, basketball and more.
  • These activities can only bring smiles for everyone who tries them or follow them from the sidelines!
  • For details, please contact us!
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