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32500.00 euro + TVA

Give players what they want. This type of bowling comes with the latest technologies applied to entertainment. All designed to create a new bowling experience. With the merging of our world market knowledge and creative ideas, Bowling combines various motives to attract players, providing the most fun way to strike many strikes and return for more!

If you really want to surprise your customers, take advantage of the latest technological innovations. Use this unique interface to allow players to connect their own smartphone to the game. Players can use their smartphones to access the options menu, to see the game score and to share their score on social networks.

Bring your bowling to life!


The unique RGB LED lighting system synchronized on the pins, along the strips and on the players terminal, creates a light show! The incredible colorful visual effects are interactive and animated according to each piece. The effects are independent for each band and generate a sensational lighting result throughout the bowling area. In addition, the bands shine under the black lights with our amazing effects of Bright Bright Bowling! Attractive impact guaranteed for happy hours and birthday parties.

Your bowling has never been so attractive. Boutique, Fiesta and Next themes include a variety of decorative panels with a special visual appearance, developed to highlight the maximum brightness of colors with the Bright Bowling effect. With a clean, modern and sophisticated design, the player's area offers a clear view of the strips and is equipped with the elegant line of Green Bowling® furniture. The sofas are designed with a built-in USB charging station to help guests charge their phones.

Engage customers with stunning 55 ″ HD LCDs, displaying information about each photo in the most modern way. The screens are embedded in the masking panel, so no additional air structure is required for installation.

The body is illuminated with light effects. 15 "LCD touch screen monitor, Qr code or Smartcard reader (optional). With an audible slim design, its touch screen eliminates the use of the keyboard. By simply touching the screen, players access all the band control functions.


Band length: Between 17.81 m - 29.5 m

Band width: 1.85 m



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