Cars Inflatable Slide
4800 euro + TVA
  • Product Name – Car Inflatable Slide
  • Stitches - The slide features double, triple and quadruple stitches at key points.
  • Materials used - PVC-Industrial Tarpaulin. Thickness 0.55mm, density 620g / m2. A material resistant to UV rays, wind, weather.
  • Age: minimum 3 years
  • Equipment dimensions – The Cars slide can be manufactured in various sizes. We also accept any other dimensions from you.
  • Equipment's safety space dimensions - +2 m length and width
  • Warranty - 12 months, both for the slide and for the pump
  • Certifications - CE Certificate, EN 14690
  • Equipment – two air pumps (depending on the size of the slide), repair kit, transport and storage bag
  • Delivery - Please contact us for stock verification
  • Cars Inflatable Slide - a faithful and cheerful representation of well-known Rust-eze and his friends. One of the most successful and beloved slide models, it attracts little ones’ eyes from the very first second. The combination of colors, the straight or wavy slope option, as well as the theme-matching wonderful designs, all contributed to this huge success. The Cars inflatable slide can be made with one, two or three sliding slopes, and the access ladder can be in the middle (for the two sliding slopes model) or it can be interchanged with the sliding slopes (for the 3 slopes model). The designs, sizes and colors of the Cars slide can be chosen by the customer. In the middle of the slide sits Rust-eze, a 3d image that really fascinates children. The little ones can get under the nice car and then go down the sliding slopes. At the end of the these, there are some walls with design and protection role. On the outside of the walls we can find plentiful high-quality digital prints of Cars cartoon characters. The slide can also be customized with your own text or images. For sure, Cars Inflatable Slide is a synonym for fun!
  • 8m length x 6m width x 6.5m height – EUR 4800 + VAT
  • 9m length x 6m width x 7.5m height – EUR 5700 + VAT
  • 10m length x 6m width x 8m height – EUR 6700 + VAT
  • 10m length x 8m width x 10m height – EUR 8250 + VAT
  • 12m length x 6m width x 10m height – EUR 7600 + VAT
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