• Adventure parks have become the new definition of fun! By interweaving the benefits of outdoor sport with the satisfaction of a fun adventure, competition trails are a fun-to-try experience for once in your life.
  • Inspired by the successful global television shows like ‘Exathlon’, these ninja races are among the fiercest wishes of all children. They watch survival shows with bated breath, dreaming of having a great adventure, just like their favorite show characters!
  • Competition routes contain the most diverse elements and well-studied combinations, so that the experience is as authentic as possible. The complexes combine elements for climbing, slipping, structures that require balance, all of which cause children to develop their agility in a funny way.
  • Waterboyz brings to the fore an excellent alternative to spending time in outdoor playgrounds- the obacle races! We can provide different difficulty level complexes, suitable in any space and for any budget!
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