Bungee trampo, Waterboyz string trampoline
For those who love jumps and want to get as high as possible, we have prepared the bungee spring trampolines!

These trampolines combine jumps and acrobatics that can be performed on conventional trampolines with bungee jumps, obviously on a smaller scale.

The effect is sure and guaranteed: maximum fun and adrenaline rush.

Our trams are produced in the European Union, they come with all the necessary certifications, respectively CE and TUV, so that the users can use them safely.

The materials used are steel and aluminum for the support frame, which gives light weight and ease of installation.

You can choose between:
-with 1 place

-with 2 seats- fixed or movable (on the trailer)

-with 4 seats - fixed or movable (on the trailer)


Whichever option you choose, make sure the business will be profitable. From our experience and from our clients we know that the profitability is high and the repayment is made in a short time.

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