Good news for lovers of ice fun!
Now you can skate in any season thanks to the revolutionary ice skating rink offered by Waterboyz!
It can be located anywhere, without needing special environmental conditions, it can be mounted and dismantled, if it is sliding being composed of panels that can be mounted a puzzle.

It is very easy to carry and handle, being perfect for those who can be included in a furniture deal, then it is perfect for events and rentals. It is resistant to UV rays and weather.

This skating rink is suitable for outdoor shopping, malls and events.

It is a high quality product, produced in the EU, which offers an extreme ice skating experience.

Aside from doing this skating rink it can be a standalone business, it is just perfect for training those who practice other sports on skates as well as hockey or figure skating.

Surface maintenance is extremely easy compared to the classic ice rink. There is no need for a DC power source or water. In our packages to arrange a synthetic ice rink, you will find all the necessary elements: the sliding surfaces, the fence, the skates, the racks for the skate as well as the tools and solutions for maintaining and cleaning the synthetic ice rink.

They can be dimensioned according to the shape or dimensions of the distance space.

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