Laser Tag

Certificat CE, TUV
minim 6 ani
12 luni

Together with our designers we design the best laser tag rooms, a true adventure into a fight scene.

The technicians and our assembly team will make sure that the hall will be arranged to the highest standards and in accordance with all the regulations in force. We build rooms with themes such as the spaceship, the deserted city, the cosmos, the lost world, the apocalypse and many more. Our arenas are appreciated worldwide and we are glad that we can contribute to the joy of the children.

We sell laser tag weapons and weapon packages with or without the central unit.
Since the room must meet certain requirements for the arrangement to be a successful one, please contact us and we can advise you.

Equipment details:

Age: minimum 6 years,
Certification: CE, TUV certificate
Condition: New
Warranty: 12 months
Reaction distance: 150 meters
Package Content:

- Sensors: receive the lens at 360 degrees

- Obstacles

- Harness

- Arms

- Numerous possibilities of software settings

- Built-in sound system

- Built-in lighting system

Description of activity:
It is a special team sport, but it can also be played individually, in which players try to get points by shooting with a handgun that emits an infrared ray. The opponent is equipped with a suit that receives the signal emitted by the weapon. Nowadays Laser Tag is used not only as a game for the general public but also for many of the armies in the world for main purpose training in field communication and coordination as well as the applicability of various combat strategies. Laser Tag is similar to Paint Ball or Air Soft. The main difference is the equipment that is more comfortable and the game is completely harmless compared to the two in which the impact of the ball can cause bruising or even injury, if the appropriate equipment is not used and pulled from a short distance. This sport that imitates the fight with weapons can not have any negative physical effect on the players and can be experienced by both very young and older people.
The laser tag arena is a 'battlefield' inside, stylized by our team of designers. It can take different topics such as: urban conflict area, train station, spacecraft, jungle, building, etc. Our team will provide the lights, the sound, as well as all the obstacles and hiding areas needed to play the game.
Helmet and weapon communicate through Wireless technology. Also all the equipment communicates in the network between them and with the central unit, the one that plays the Laser Tag game.
The weapons are printed on a 3D printer, and incorporate the latest wireless communication technologies.

Information about the space required:
150m2 - maximum 8 players
200 m2 - maximum 10 players
250m2 - maximum 12 players
300m2 - maximum 14 players

The software that governs the laser tag game is free if you purchase at least 10 weapons.
The weapons can be sold separately.
For an offer please contact us by phone +40724.547.343 or email


The equipment is optimized for the segment 10-25 years, the main care of the segment practices this game, but it is designed versatile and light weight, it allows even more people to practice in this game, by customizing the scenarios. Following the trend in Eco Friendly trends and paying constant attention to the environment, they are chosen to use a biodegradable material (PLA) and a care technology is a specific energy consumption for a very small component (3D printing).

Our devices can only be used, non-toxic, but also if the carbon footprint is very small.

All printed PLA parts of the devices (weapon + sensor) total about 200 grams, for their production only 1.5KW are used, that is even for a cat of a medium-sized LCD TV in 10 operating mines.

And the residual material from the factory is 30 grams, care can be converted to fir using PLA or can be converted into compost.

More details about the PLA here:

LTRCON, which uses specific Internet Of Thing (IOT) technologies, has low power consumption and high reliability.

LTRCON does not use a certain device (MAC, PC, tablet, phone) or a certain operating system (IOS, Windows, Linux, Android) there cannot be an Internet browser on any system, with any operating system, Interface Command is responsive, using the latest technologies in the field (HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3). The LTRCON system is used to mark the opponent with infrared LEDs with a lung wave time of 940 Nm, or power of 0.7mW.

Red dot is a laser care system that operates according to the rated power of 1mW, the power to use a commercial laser indicator. LTRCON is intended for use in confined spaces, the sensitivity of the sensors allowed and the playing distance of about 50m between 2 players in the straight line.

The playing space is limited to the power of the wireless signal (approx. 300m from the central unit, depending on the material through which the wireless signal needs to be done), if it can be extended with firelss extend any surface.

The wireless signal is provided by a standard care router for all specific aspects. LTRCON is top notch to unpack and use, as it can be downloaded, install software / configuration software.

LTRCON allows real-time display of a player's ammunition, lives, score. The LTRCON game kit, weapon includes, sensors, batteries, battery chargers or central unit.

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