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Magic cubes are the latest innovation in the field of playgrounds. Equipped with the most powerful neodymium magentines (chemical elements from the rare earth group), it offers the possibility
the construction of countless castles, structures, etc.
Jolly Heap represents the version of the magnetic construction toy, which occupies a position
meaning among educational toys. Due to their size, cubes can be used both at home and in educational centers for children, such as: kindergartens and playgrounds.

3D cubes enjoy great success throughout Europe in kindergartens, entertainment centers or indoor places for play.

  • Dimensions: Length 1.2m, width 1.2m, height 0.12m
  • Cubic dimensions: 12cm x12cm x12cm
  • Users: 4-5 copies.
  • Age: between 1 and 12 years
  • Certification: PN-EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3: 2014-12.
  • Warranty: 12 months

 Toys: it is important that when using cubes to build, the child should be left free to express his imagination and be encouraged to explore, experiment and learn. The colors of the cubes stimulate play in any social place and in any situation, be it a group play or an invitation.
 Education: While children play with these cubes, they not only build a wide range of dimensional structures, but also develop their attention, accuracy in thinking and motor-visual skills. To create complex structures, they can work in a team, which strengthens the relationship between "teammates".
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Price: 1500 euros without VAT / set of 100 pieces


Construction examples:
-geometric figures

The qualities premium of the cubes:

  They have magnets.
  They are multifunctional - educational or leisure purpose.
  The fun is noise-free
  Presents safety for children
  They are durable, soft and easy to lift
  Allow the creation of various structures.

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