Softplay Sistem Modular Theme Candy 6
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Design name - Playground Modular Theme Candy 6
Product code - RO 32
Dimensions - 6mL x 3.5ml x 2.5mH;
Activities - Tyrolean, ball pool, double plastic slide, vertical cylinder type obstacle set - thin set, vertical cylinder type obstacle set - large set, horizontal roller type obstacles, multicolored access ladder, digital print climbing wall and sponge damping, colored floor under system, optional decorations.
Activities / elements outside the modular are not included in the price
Materials used - metal structure covered in sponge and covered with colored PVC, flame retardant and resistant to intense use. The thickness of the PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr / m2. Textile protection net, made in UK. Pilsan brand high quality plastics.
Age group - 3-12 years
Total capacity - 15 childrens
Warranty - 24 months
Certifications - TUV, ISO, TSE, EN 1176, ISCIR CERT
Delivery - 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the arrangement
Price - 9000 euro + VAT
Shipping and instalation - not included !

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