Soft Play
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For the smallest of the children we come up with the most soft solutions! Bridges, pools, balls, moving sets, geometric shapes, basements, etc., all specially designed for entertaining and especially the safety of children between 0-3 years.
The toddler area, as we call it, is based in particular on these soft toys, made of dense sponge, which do not change their shape over time and are intended for intense use in playgrounds. The sponges are cut in different shapes, loved by children, and then wrapped in colored PVC, sometimes printed with different images.
Certain elements, such as ball pools or slide turrets and pool can be made of playwood plywood, dressed in thick protective sponge and then covered in colored pvc.
It is recommended that this area for children 0-3 years old be placed in a quieter place and fenced with a plastic fence so that the children are protected from the rest of the playground. Usually an area near the parents is preferred, as they must be permanently supervised by adults.
We can design on order any elements of softplay you want, just contact us!

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