Sports machines
The days in which we celebrate the city in which we live, the balconies organized on the occasion of various holidays, these are days when the cities are preparing for the holidays, and traders from all over the world come to exhibit their goods, which are more attractive.
            At such celebrations you can participate in all kinds of contests, you can get in cars, in slides, you can jump on the trampoline, you can jump in bombs or you can try your luck at a device with a fist to show them to your friends. that you are the strongest in the gang.
            If you count yourself among those traders and want this year to add to your business, then you can opt for one of the various boxing, hockey tables or other Waterboyz strength testing devices that you can use at the next balca at which you will attend.
            If you feel stronger in one of these days, then you can try your luck at such a boxing device, to measure your powers. Remember that the one who manages to hit the most, will win a prize. An additional opportunity to impress your girlfriend and to win her the prize offered.
            You do not have to be a trader to buy such an appliance, but you can buy one for the parties you will organize with your friends. Besides karaoke evenings, you can come up with something new and you can also organize an evening of games, among which may be the one to measure your powers on these devices. The possibilities are multiple.

Delivery within 2-3 weeks from advance
are manufactured in the EU
suitable for adults
high quality materials, special finishes
warranty: 24 months

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