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63000.00 euro + TVA


- Modular playground: 12m long x 4.5m wide x 4.5m high (3 floors).

- Zone 0-3 years

- 4 tables and 24 chairs

- Colored flooring on the entire surface of 2 cm thick


Arrangement code - RO-52 REV
Dimensions - Total surface area - minimum 200m2 (can be arranged on a larger surface)
- Modular playground: 12m long x 4.5m wide x 4.5m high (3 floors). Area 0-3 years: approx 50m2. Table and chairs area - approx. 20m2. Pavement (floor) - 2cm thick. Plates of 0.5 × 0.5m or 1mx1m

* Play equipment can be rearranged / rearranged to fit the space you have. Colors and themes of your choice.

Description and activities:
- Modular playground: - Tyrolean, 1 x triple wave slide, 1 x V-type bridge, 1 x rainbow colored bridge, 1 x chain mixer bridge, 1 x double plastic tunnel, 1 x X and O game, 1 x Counter game, 1 x plastic tube, colored flooring throughout, 1 x multicolored access ladder, 2 x vertical 'cylinder' obstacle, 3 x decoration, 3 x roofs, 1 x happy box, 1 x 'belt tunnel' belt , 1 x pool with colored plastic balls, 1 x horizontal roller type obstacles, 3 x elastic trampoline, 1 x huge spiral slide, 1 x double slide conveyor (plastic slide slide).

- Zone 0-3 years: plastic slide, plastic slide, electric piano, set of soft toys, fence.

- Table and chairs area: 4 tables and 24 chairs. The area can be used for dining or for various activities: lego, kinect sand, plstelin, chess, etc.

Age group - 0-3 years for the soft area and 3-12 years for the rest of the areas
Total capacity - 65-70 childrens
Warranty - 24 months
Certifications - TUV, ISO, TSE, EN 1176, ISCIR CERT
Delivery - 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the arrangement
Used materials:
- Modular playground: metal structure covered in sponge and covered with colored PVC, flame retardant and resistant to intense use. The thickness of the PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr / m2. Textile protection net, made in UK. Pilsan brand high quality plastics.

- Soft area for children 0-3 years: predominantly sponge material cut in different shapes and dressed in colored pvc. Sturdy seams, intended for intense traffic specific to playgrounds. The calipers type can be made of sponge or plastic - of choice.

- Colored floor - type EVA, application like puzzle.


Price - 63000 euro + VAT

Shipping and instalation -not included !

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