Crash Balls(Bumper Balls)
280 euro + TVA

Product name - Crash balls / Inflatable Bumper Balls.
Description - Inflatable bumper balls or crash balls are used successfully for entertaining children or adults outdoors or in football rooms.
Colors: can be chosen
Materials used - PVC or Tarpaulin (TPU) Thickness from 0,8mm to 1mm,. A material resistant to UV rays, wind, weather.
Age group - Minimum 5 years
Warranty - 12 months, for both inflatable and pump
Certifications - CE certificate, EN 14690
Equipment - Air pump, repair kit
Delivery - Please contact us for stock verification
Dimensions and prices
1.2m diameter PVC material 0.8mm thick - 280 euros + VAT
1.5m diameter PVC material 0.8mm thick - 300 euros + VAT
air pump for bumper balls / crash balls: 75 eur / piece + VAT

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