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1000 x 450 x 700
Certificat CE, EN 14690
Cod: S113
minim 3 ani

12 luni, atat pentru tobogan cat si pentru pompa

40-45 zile lucratoare
Prices are not currently updated, for details please contact us.
5170.00 euro + TVA

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  • Product Name – Disney Castle Inflatable Slide
  • Stitches - The slide features double, triple and quadruple stitches at key points.
  • Materials used - PVC-Industrial Tarpaulin. Thickness 0.55mm, density 620g / m2. A material resistant to UV rays, wind, weather.
  • Age: minimum 3 years
  • Equipment dimensions –  10m length x 4.5m width x 7m height
  • Equipment's safety space dimensions - +2 m length and width
  • Warranty - 12 months, both for the slide and for the pump
  • Certifications - CE Certificate, EN 14690
  • Equipment - air pump, repair kit, transport and storage bag
  • Delivery - Please contact us for stock verification
  • The Disney Castle inflatable slide has one generous slide and a lot of figurines from well-known Disney cartoons, highlighted in pastel colors and adored by children. Also, it has the shape of a dream castle. In front of the slide we introduced a series of Disney characters-shaped obstacles, which doubles the children's enthusiasm! Disney Castle inflatable slide can be produced in various sizes and colors. The choice is all yours!
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