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24900.00 euro + TVA

The arrangement contains: 

 -Modular playground

- Modular mini playground

- Zip-line

- Soft toddler zone (0-3 years)

- Climbing walls

- Tables and chairs

- Pavement on the whole surface – 140 square m


Product Name - Double Jungle Interior Playground Arrangement

Arrangement Code - WTB-007

Arrangement Components - Modular Playground, Mini Modular Playground, Zip-line, Soft Toddler Zone (0-3 years), Climbing Walls, TAbles and Chairs, Full-surface Pavement – 140square m

Dimensions -Total fitting area-minimum 140 sq.m (it can also be arranged on larger surface)

-Modular playground: 5.6m long x 4.5m width x 2.5m tall. Mini modular playground: 4.5m long x 2.5m wide. Zip-line: 7m long x 1.3m width x 2.7m height -Soft area: 4.5 length x 3.5 width (with rearrangement possibility). Climbing wall: 2m high x 0.7m width x 10cm thick – 4 pieces around the pole (can be rearranged). Tables: 1.2m long, 0.6m wide, 0.6m high. Seats: 30cm tall

*Play equipment can be rearranged/reorganized to fit the space you have. You can choose the theme and colors. We can exclude or include items according your preference.

Materials used

- Modular playground, Modular mini and Zip-line: metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colored, fireproof and resistant to intense wear PVC . The thickness of PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr/m2. Textile safety net, made in the UK. ‘Pilsan’ brand superior quality plastics.

-Soft area for 0-3-year children: predominantly sponge material cut in various shapes and dressed in colored PVC. Resilient seams, intended for heavy traffic specific to playgrounds. Horse-swings can be made of sponge or plastic -  your choice. -Colored pavement – EVA type, 1.3cm thick. Puzzle application. -Climbing wall – MDF-made panel, dressed in sponge and PVC, with plastic elements for climbing, caught in masked screws.

Age group - 0-12 years

Total capacity - 40 children

Warranty - 24 months

Average lifespan – 120 months

Certifications - TUV/ EN 1176,

Delivery - 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the layout


- Modular playground: Double rainbow slide, 9cm plastic ball pool, elastic trampoline, teeth-type obstacles on the ground, ‘wall with teeth’ obstacles, moving bridge, belts tunnel, colorful bridge, large decorative elements.

- Mini playground: 9cm plastic ball pool and double slide, vertical cylinder obstacles and horizontal roller obstacles.

-Zip-line: sliding activity on roller system, similar to the outside type. Designed not to require harnesses and helmets. Climbing walls: digital print panels (of your choice) provided with randomly arranged hanging elements. 2m high – does not require special equipment.

-Soft play toys complex: 3 x soft cube set, 3 x sponge banquettes, 1 x carpet with soft numbers, 2  60×60 tables and 4  30cm high plastic chairs, 9m colored fence, 3 tables and 12 chairs, colorful paving all over the surface.

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