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15000.00 euro + TVA
  • Waterboyz presents you the game of the moment: Escape Room!
  • We arrange custom Escape Rooms, according to your own requirements. Any theme is achievable. Nothing is impossible for us! We manage the complete layout, including the story and the briefing to contextualize the players. The themes can be chosen according to your wishes: ‘Casa de Papel’, prison escaping, robbing a bank, Sherlock Holmes, undiscovered crime and so on.
  • Escape Room is a game that stimulates the player's tactics and imagination. It is specially designed to be played by both children and adults. Their goal is to solve the hidden puzzles in the room and to unlock the door before time runs out. A multitude of clues contribute to the creation of the mysterious story and the players will gradually discover them throughout the game.
  • The room’s assembly is made by qualified personnel and it will be stylized by our specially trained and imaginative designers.
  • The escape concept we use is a third generation one, with more decoration elements, formidable effects, classic "lock" solutions, furniture, decoration elements, monitoring and sound system.
  • Equipment installation is included in the price!
  • The price varies depending on the complexity of the layout.
  • We want to assure you that every room we create is unique. We will not create another identical one in the future. 
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