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6000 euro + TVA
  • Dimensions: 160x120x180 cm
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Power: 230V/115V
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Excavator is manufactured to bring fun! It can be placed in supermarkets, children's games rooms, playgrounds. Thanks to pneumatics, safety and reliability are guaranteed. No gear oils are used and there is no contamination. In addition, the machine is not created with hydraulic pumps, as they produce a lot of noise during operation.
  • The Excavator is an interactive simulator that provides fun for children. After inserting the coins, the device simulates the actual bulldozer, and the game consists of lifting the balls and throwing them into holes located on the opposite side of the machine. The balls and the arm of the excavator with the cup are framed in a pen covered with netting. Each hole that the trapped ball passes through has a different score. The excavator has fun sound effects and opportunities to discover new elements.
  • The excavator is child-friendly, does not cause injury and the materials are safe and environmentally friendly.
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