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30.00 euro + TVA

A revolutionary fiber, extremely high-resolution images, vibrant ultra violet colors and surprising effects - that's how we would shortly describe the Glowing UV Print! This innovative material with fluorescent properties can be applied as wallpaper. It is suitable in laser-tag rooms, bowling, escape rooms, softplay rooms, trampolines, inflatable equipment and products, clubs, rooms for minigolf and many more!


You can choose from a very varied range, practically any digital image can be printed on this material. So, whatever space and theme you want, UV prints will fit perfectly.


Due to the vibrant and fluorescent colors, any background will look incredible with both the lights off or on, the surprising details taking the space in which the fiber is applied to a whole new level.


Thanks to the very high durability of the material, this can be washed without damage. It is made of extremely thin yet powerful nylon layers and can be used as wallpaper in any space, both inside and outside. It can be applied to both walls and floors, inflatable products or trampolines.


Another great advantage of this material regards its application. It will save you a lot of time, as it is very easy to put on, sparing you from the disaster made by the classic stains of paint.

Application mode:


1. For the beginning, the surface on which we’ll apply the print must be solid, smooth, clean and dry.


2. For vibrant and bright colors, we recommend a light-colored wall, preferably white.


3. You can use classic adhesive for wallpaper. Apply the adhesive to the wall surface, then place the print on the wall. Use a card or similar object to help the print join the surface perfectly, without leaving any wrinkles or wavy portions. The technique is identical to the classical application of a wallpaper.


4. If the print is applied to an area that will be touched often, such as a laser tag arena, you can use adhesive or nails (the product can withstand persistent contact if properly glued, however it is possible to peel off the surface on which it was applied. Reapplying the adhesive may be a good solution). You can also use a transparent protective paint or a similar sealant along the edges.


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