Modular indoor playgrounds, customizable! If you plan to start a business with indoor playgrounds or want to make improvements to your existing business, we are happy to contribute! Modular playgrounds have various themes: jungle, aquatic, well-known cartoons, boats, etc. Extremely fun, these modular playgrounds are designed according to your space and budget, without compromising on quality and last but not least the fun of the little ones!

All playgrounds are accompanied by a 24-month warranty, instructions, TUV compliance certificate, ISCIR equivalent, and all accessories required for installation and commissioning.

Because we are parents and we know what the children care about, we use only European-made materials, so our playgrounds are very good and the play is in maximum safety.
We provide advice on designing and choosing games that will be part of the modular structure. You can choose: ocean balls, slider, obstacle racing, tunnels, sponge balls, tirolian, basketball basket, bouncers, X and O games, climbing wall, horizontal obstacles, bridges, balls giant and more.
Below are some models and dimensions.

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