Waterboyz offers multifunctional inflatable slides with various themes!
A nice and enjoyable business! That's how it sounds an inflatable toboggan run from Waterboyz. Our equipment is made of PVC-Tarpaulin industrial, a special material for this type of products. The material has a thickness of 0.55mm, weighing 620gr / m2 and is resistant to water, wear and sunshine. Therefore, these equipments are very versatile and can be placed inside - malls, playrooms, indoor playgrounds; or outdoors - beaches, parks, landscapes, etc.

Inflatable toboggans have double, triple stitches, and in critical points even quadruple. All products come with CE certificate, EN 14690 (mandatory safety document for inflatable equipment), accessories (transport and storage bag), one or two pumps (depending on the size of the slide) and repair kits. Dimensions and colors are at your choice, or children! The prices shown are related to the dimensions specified in the descriptions. If you want other sizes, please contact us to make a customized offer.

If you can not find multifunctional inflatable slides to your liking on our site, we can make any model you want, at any size you want. All you have to do is put them in position and let go of the fun!

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