Inflatable products in this category target activities that cause children to move and play in the open air.

All inflatable games come with accessories needed for commissioning and maintenance - pumps, repair kit storage and transport bags. You can choose between crash balls, inflatable velcro stick, inflatable game - competition, bungee run, inflatable football, inflatable football field and any other activities you want, even if you do not find them on our site.

All products are professional and are specially designed for heavy traffic and outdoor use. The material is PVC-industrial tarpaulin, a thick and durable material (similar to the tarpaulin). The stitches are made with professional machines, so the reliability is very high. PVC is treated fireproof, so it does not support burning - the imperative requirement of the European Union for inflatable products and playgrounds using PVC.

Some inflatables have handmade paintings, others come with high-quality digital prints.

All products are approved by the EU, each product comes with EC Certificates of Conformity and EN 14960 fire safety certificate.

Whichever option you choose, we assure you that you have made the best choice.

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