Who has not watched Eurosport, competitors from different areas of the sport competing in acrobatics, schemes and movements while jumping on a huge inflatable cushion? Now this madness is possible in Romania, too, because we have brought the concept of Big Air Bag or Bag Jump addressed to both professionals and ordinary young people, who are lovers of occasional strong sensations.
Bag Jump is actually a huge inflatable PVC-Tarpaulin professional cushion of 650grm / m2 and a minimum material thickness of 0.6mm. It is part of the category of air-sealed inflatables, meaning that for its production, only professional thermoliping machines were used, without any stitching. Thus, the air remains inside after swelling. It is powered by one or more pumps, and its use is inflated to 80-90% of its capacity to cushion the falls of riders.
It is addressed to athletes who practice winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding or to cyclists, skaters, rollers, can even land with scooters or other equipment.
The inflatable cushion can be customized according to the colors, dimensions and prints on its surface (logs, messages, images, etc.).

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