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60500.00 euro + TVA

The arrangement contains:

 - Modular playground

- soft area (0-3 years),

- 2 electric carousels

- tables and chairs area

- climbing unit

- junior double trampoline

- pavement on the whole surface -250sqm

  • Product Name - Jurassic Park Interior Playground
  • Arrangement Code - RO-47
  • Arrangement components: Modular playground, soft area (0-3 years), Electric Hamster Roll, 8 seats electric carousel, table and chairs area, pavement all over the surface -250sqm

Description and activities:

- Modular playground: -1 x covered tunnel -1 x 'Number' game -4 x sponge obstacles -1 x open double slide -1 x covered spiral slide -colored pavement all over the surface -1 x suspension bridge -1 x multicolored access ladder -1 x multicolor bridge -8 x 'sausages' vertical obstacle -4 x 'cylinder' vertical obstacle -1 x 'squeeze' obstacle panel -5 x thematic decoration -2 x decorative roof -1 pool with colored plastic balls-Zip-line – sliding activity using the same system as the outside ones – steel wire and rollers.

–Soft play toy complex: round ball pool, tables and chairs

– Palm Electric Carousel: 8-seats, 0.75kw engine, two gears and remote control.

–Climbing unit: 6-sided equipment, each one having a different climbing system.

–Junior double trampoline: complex of indoor elastic trampolines, on metal structure.

Materials used:

- Modular playground, Zip-line, climbing unit, Double Junior: metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colorful PVC, fire retardant and resistant to intense wear. The thickness of PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr/m2. Textile safety net, made in the UK. ‘Pilsan’ brand superior quality plastics.

- Soft area for 0-3-year children: predominantly sponge material cut in various shapes and dressed in colored PVC. Resilient seams, intended for heavy traffic specific to playgrounds. Horse swings can be made of sponge or plastic – of your choice. Colorful pavement – EVA type, puzzle application.

- Electric carousel: metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colored, canvas inserted, fire retardant and resistant to intense wear PVC. The thickness of PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr/m2.

  • Age group - 0-3 years for soft zone and 3-12 years for rest areas
  • Total capacity - 70 children
  • Warranty - 24 months;
  • Average lifespan – 120 months
  • Certifications - TUV/ EN 1176
  • Delivery - 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the layout
  • Dimensions -Total fitting area-minimum 250sqm (it can also be arranged on larger surface)

-Modular playground: 13 length x 5.5m width x 2.5m height –Zip-line– 7m length x 1.3m width x 2.7m height -Soft zone – 10m length x 5 width (with the possibility of rearrangement). Coco tree electric carousel – 2.7m diameter, 2.7m height. Climbing unit – 6 sides x 1.2m width x 2.5m high. Junior double trampoline – 4m long x 2m wide x 2m height. Pavement (floor) – 2cm thick. 0.5×0.5m or 1mx1m boards

*Play equipment can be rearranged/reorganized to fit the space you have. You can choose the theme and colors.

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