Laser Maze is the new attraction for children's games, a novelty that youngsters will not be able to withstand. What does this game mean? Players will have to walk through a full-blown camera without touching them. Just like in spy movies.


How to play Laser Maze?

- The player will choose the level of difficulty of the game;

- Press the "start" button to start the game;

- He will enter the lasers room, conceived as a labyrinth;

- A laser beam will stop if it is crossed, the light will turn on and the alarm will start, while the number of beams crossed and the remaining time will appear on the screen;

- Throughout the game, the player will move from one control point to another (by pressing the sequential buttons) and solve puzzles.

- The player will win if he passes all of the control points in the time he has at his disposal without crossing too many lasers.


Why choose us?

- 2 years warranty - We have developed the lasers from scratch, being locally manufactured. This allowed us to choose an advantageous technological stack and to fully control the manufacturing process. So, I made it reliable and quite affordable.

- It can be controlled with the mobile application - We created a special application to control your Laser Maze game. You can access it anytime and anywhere. Get new features and improvements FREE!

- Statistics - You can see the full game statistics for any day - the number of games played, the winnings, the losses, the tic and the results.

- Two different game modes - Possibility to play in two players. Twice more customers.

- Easy to use control panel - Difficulty settings, your own soundtrack, interface settings.

- Remote access, fast technical support - Technical support using remote access operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- Touch screen for players - Players can choose the level of difficulty for themselves and their fans can see live statistics.

- Moving laser beams - Creating laser lasers with unique laser beam technology. Laser beam movement sets a new level of interactivity - complete immersion in the game.

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