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1350 euro + TVA
  • Product name - Mini Dyno Inflatable Slide
  • Stitches - The slide features double, triple and quadruple stitches at key points.
  • Features - The slide can be reconfigured to other sizes and you can choose any colors you want.
  • Materials used - PVC-Industrial Tarpaulin. Thickness 0.55mm, density 620g / m2. A material resistant to UV rays, wind, weather.
  • Age: minimum 3 years
  • Dimensions – the dinosaur slide can be manufactured in various sizes.
  • Equipment's safety space dimensions - + 2 m length and width
  • Warranty - 12 months, both for the slide and for the pump
  • Certifications - CE Certificate, EN 14690
  • Equipment – 2 air pumps (depending on the size of the slide), repair kit, transport and storage bag
  • Delivery - Please contact us for stock verification

The dinosaur slide has a sliding slope and a bouncer area. Being vividly colored and decorated with funny animations, the Mini Dyno slide will catch all children’s eyes! Little ones will gather to have fun in the cheerful attraction. The slide is ideal for outdoor playgrounds.

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