• Mini golf is recognized worldwide as an independent sport, distinct from classic golf. Currently, it enjoys fame among all fun enthusiasts, the ages of the players starting from 3-4 years. It is adored by both adults and children!
  • This sport develops the skills, attention and concentration, stimulating the interaction between players, but also the competitive spirit. Teams can be formed within the game, so it is ideal for holiday locations, kindergardens and schools, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, residential areas, parks and more. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time in an innovative and fun way with your loved ones!
  • Waterboyz offers you complete arrangements of mini golf courses, seasoned with motorized obstacles that increase the fun and attract the eyes of all the curious through the vibrant colors and creative design.
  • The structure of the route is made of hot-dip galvanized and painted steel. The playing surface consists of plywood (phenolic) plywood covered with GOLF-TEX synthetic green carpet. Each route consists of modular structures of maximum 2.4m length and 0.74m width. By joining them, routes of up to 10m in length can be made.
  • The obstacles are made of Okoume wood, decorated and equipped with lighting effects and 24V motorized system.
  • The standard package includes the starting area, the score table that has power supply, stainless steel connectors, 220-24 V transformer. The maximum consumption is 1.5 kW / h.

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