Ninja Assault is a new combination of truly competitive indoor games. Players must overcome several obstacles, such as a ninja, before reaching the final point. A variety of challenging routes serve as a complete test for strategic thinking, physical ability, body coordination and speed. Depending on the space and according to the requirements, you can choose a set of equipment and fit freely in several stages. Ninja Assault is a good choice for a playground appealing to sports and adrenaline lovers.

Materials used - Metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colored, fireproof and resistant to intense wear PVC. The thickness of PVC is 0.9 mm and the weight is 620 gr/m2. Textile safety net, made in the UK. PILSAN brand superior quality plastics. On customers’ demand,  electrical systems such as sensor systems can be added inside.

  • Warranty - 24 months
  • Certifications - TUV/ ISO/ TSE/ EN 1176,
  • Delivery - 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the layout
  • Minimum space required: 200 sqm
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