Ninja Challenge
10700 euro + TVA
  • Dimensions: 284 x 96 x 281 cm
  • Weight: 227kg
  • Power: 230 / 115V
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Transport: included
  • For details please contact us.
  • With Ninja Challenge you can try and win tickets. Ninja Challenge is similar to carnival-style throwing games, but uses a ninja theme.
  • The device's case has been designed to help players feel like they're in Japan, the country where the action takes place.
  • The game is exciting, you have to use a ploy to unlock the biggest winning targets. You will need to get the secondary targets first, then go to the center to get the highest possible score. To go even higher, you need bonus time.
  • The discarded binbag receives a ninja-style upgrade.
  • The device is cabinet-shaped, its distinctive aesthetic appearance reminding of ancient Japan. It is also made with multicolored LEDs and reflectors, five main targets with color-changing LEDs and Ninja star-shaped niches that are used to hit targets.
  • The settings are adjustable and made by the operator, including the bonus score and payment.
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