Paddle Surfboard

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300 x 76 x
Certificat CE

12 luni

120 kg
1 persoana
15-20 zile lucrătoare

This product has a high-quality double layer with an upper thickness of 15 cm.


  • a vertical stripe of grey and white EVA that provides greater durability and stability.
  • Soft mango tissue to provide more hand comfort.
  • provides more stability.
  • contains a high-pressure Z-ray pump, a SUP shovel and a backpack for transport.

 Product manufactured in the EU

  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Size: 3mL x 0.76ml
  • Floating Body Material: High quality polyethylene, treated for UV and water resistance. Unsinkable. Mechanical gear material (direction, transmission): stainless steel. 100% recyclable material.


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