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  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Transport: included
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  • Pirate's Hook is a fishing adventure worth trying. Featuring an unique fishing mechanism, players throw the hook into the ocean using the button and trying to catch the biggest creature in the sea!
  • The player must avoid the garbage in the sea, watching the bigger fish and keeping the lobster king in his eyes, in order to win the Mega Bonus.
  • Once captured, the effect is amplified to make the game as realistic as possible. Overall, Pirate's Hook is simple, but very fun and really addictive.
  • The machine was designed for 1-2 players, and the software is identical to the other versions, differing only in the hardware configuration.
  • The device is equipped with backlit LEDs, and the case is a bonus to the overall attraction. The settings can be made by the operator.
  • The graphics are attractive and bright, being displayed on the 42-inch HD screen. The machine also includes a standard coin door with 2 slots and 1 ticket dispenser for each player.
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