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We offer packages of precious products for start-up businesses, or we can create you playground starting from zero. You don't have to be an expert, we will advise and initiate you in setting up a playground. We take care of everything, you just have to give us the sketch of the space and we will offer you the project and vision.

Whether it's an outdoor or indoor space, a small summer deal in the park or on the beach, Waterboyz has the winning solution.

For indoor we offer modular structures, or indoor playgrounds, among a few soft playing and plastic elements to create a world of story.

For outdoor we have the most beautiful inflatable products: tops, castles, obstacle races, bouncers, ball pools or boats, etc.

Contact us at 0724 547 343 and we offer you the solution we choose for ourselves - a playground from stories at a reasonable price.

When you've decided to be your own boss and create your own business, you have to know from the very beginning that this can prove to be quite complicated and also a lengthy process. As a young entrepreneur you have two options for you to choose from. Either you will start a business from scratch and you will take care of everything starting with the documentation to all the tools, products and employees, or you can purchase a turnkey business from a to z where you have to deal only with business itself. Both ways can be profitable business, but before you make a decision, you need to study which of the two is the most convenient and has guaranteed gain.

As with any business, there are pros and cons to start a business or buy one. The truth is, however, that any business of any kind presents a number of risks. We all know that once you start a business, the first year is the decisive one, the year you will try to regain the investment you've made. There may be profitable businesses, but there is the possibility that they may fail. The biggest risk is of course the financial one. Not every person has the capital to start a business and often has the idea of ​​taking a loan from the bank to fill in the amount needed to complete the project that he has in mind. But there are far more chances for banks to lend for turnkey businesses than for a business from scratch. This would be a benefit if you go for a turn-key business from A to Z. From the point of view of the expenses, a new business does not necessarily cost as high as if you went for the turnkey business and you would have to rebrand the one you chosen.

Also, if you have experience in a particular field, you can opt for a already-made business in the field, which is a guaranteed profit. You can easily build profitable business if you have experience in a certain field and choose to explore it at maximum odds. If you have experience in a particular sector you can look for turnkey businesses to excel in the field.

If you have experience in setting up a playground or if you have at least the minimum knowledge in this area, then we provide our product packages that can give you a guaranteed profit. Whether it's an indoor playground or an outdoor playground, we're working on your project to the smallest detail so it's profitable business. We offer turnkey business, along with instructions and advice so you can arrange the playground you have chosen. From modular indoor structures to inflatable outdoor products such as slides, ball pools or castles, we offer you a wide and varied range of perfect products for your business

We are waiting for you to create the perfect playground for the little ones and the successful business you have made your decision to create.




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