For the fans of sports with wheels we brought in Romania the new tracks and special ramps type Pumptracks
These consist of various obstacles and curves, acceleration zones and other acrobatic areas, which simply delight young people and children using them.
The tracks are made of an extremely reliable composite (rolling part) and the underside structure is made of a special plywood, laminated, waterproof and very resistant.
The advantages of these tracks are:
- modular system - the tracks consist of modular parts pre-assembled from the factory
- they can be improved later by adding new modules, increasing the length of the route and / or its difficulty
-It is easy to assemble and disassemble
-It's mobile
- they can be installed on any right surface
- can be used for different competitions or short-term events
- low maintenance

If you also consider that the traditional obstacles of earth and / or asphalt are difficult to achieve, expensive, durable and immobile, then our tracks are the modern and cool solution for a successful event or a park equipped for athletes.
Our tracks are manufactured in the EU and comply with all European standards regarding quality and safety.

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