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  • Throwing a ring on a bottle: a popular game that was played years ago, being brought back now, to the 21st century, through the Ring Toss arcade game .
  • As the name also suggests, Ring Toss is as easy to play as it sounds. Once the game starts, you have a limited time to throw the rings on the 46 bottles, each throw being accompanied by a sound.
  • Farther bottles offer more points than those that are closer, and, at the same time, some bottles will blink to indicate a possible bonus.
  • An HD video screen is built into the back of the game to display updated information.
  • Ring Toss is a surefire way to generate more revenue. The game has a super attractive, modern design, being covered with a canopy.
  • This is a skill-based game. The 46 translucent bottles have RGB LED lighting.
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