7470 euro + TVA
  • Price: please request an offer!
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Transport: included
  • For details please contact us.
  • Intelligent robots attack the planet and only you, together with your friend, can stop them, in Robot Storm.
  • The Robot Storm machine was designed to be placed in entertainment centers that offer both arcade video games and redemption games. One or two players can sit comfortably on the bench and take control of the ball cannon, shooting ping pong balls at the screen. The aim is controlled by potentiometers inside the gun and the screen itself is protected by a thick piece of plexiglass.
  • The game places players against the group of evil robots that attack Earth. Destroy the groups until you reach the boss level, catching power-ups to increase your firepower for that extra edge.
  • This game offers smooth and attractive 3D graphics that will please any arcade player.
  • LED lighting gives more life to the machine.
  • It is not necessary to reload the cannon, only to score and destroy enemies / targets.
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