Safari Ranger SD
7000 euro + TVA
  • Dimensions: 85x100x178 cm
  • Weight: 236 kg
  • Power: 230/ 110V
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • For details please contact us.

Save the animals in this thrilling safari adventure! If you liked Pirate Hook, you will surely love this game!

This safari-themed 2-player video rescue boasts a 42 ”multi-voltage LCD monitor on the wheel mechanism that catches the animals - it looks so realistic! Help saving the animals from the safari using your skill and dexterity - the bigger the animal, the higher the score!

How to play:

Help move the animals safely! Press the button to launch the lasso. Turn the handle to wrap them - the bigger the animal, the higher the score. Save the endangered White Lion to win the Safari Bonus!

Tank accessories:

  • 20 'tank: 13 units
  • 40' tank: 26 units
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