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  • Interactive sandbox - a new and fun way to learn
  • In the age of gadgets, classical education is becoming less and less appealing to children. Informatics has become deeply embedded in everyday life but, thankfully, progress has not omitted games and toys. A good example and an innovative approach to playing and learning is the interactive sandbox.
  • Playing in a sandbox - what can be more natural for a child?
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  • Significantly improves fine motor skills and coordination, improving cognitive function. Interactive sandbox is a small model of the larger world. By creating a virtual world, the child can find solutions to real-life problems and process anxiety in a game manner. The way a child plays, creating indigenous worlds and destroying them, helps overcome his or her fear of mistakes or doubts.
  • Today, more and more children have special needs. These kids go to regular kindergartens. For both ordinary and special children with moving, fine motor habits and speech difficulties, the interactive sandbox will become a perfect tool for playing and learning.
  • This tool can be used every day, it is very durable and can be used by up to 10 children.
  • The interactive sandbox consists of a frame and sand. A laptop or PC with custom software, projector and depth sensor completes the sandbox. "The magic" is represented by the depth sensor, who reads certain points on the surface. Depending on the sand’s depth, the image will change. The interactive sandbox is similar to a transformer. It works as an interactive table, a gaming environment, where the child controls the action with the touch of a finger or palm.
  • With the interactive box, children get more visual educational material, which makes learning more interesting and appealing. For example, you can create the Earth's surface with lakes, mountains, volcanoes, valleys, animals, dinosaur skeletons, etc.
  • Sand therapy in child’s evolution
  • Neurologists and psychiatrists began using sand therapy. Auxiliary learning, relaxation, color therapy and psycho-correction can benefit from the use of this method.
  • The interaction with sand affects the central nervous system by stimulating nerve endings at the fingertips. This creates stimulus for the speech and motor cortex of the brain, as well as its responsible parts of attention and memory.
  • The sand game calms and relaxes, helping reduce stress. Psychologists recommend this game if aggression, anxiety, restlessness in social interactions become a problem.
  • This method is also used to prevent shyness and to lower various barriers.
  • The sandbox can be adapted to any age. It works well with both ordinary and special needs children.
  • The sandbox can help your child find creative strength. The child can create an indigenous world.
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