Set up turnkey playgrounds

We like things done well. That's why, if you want, we're setting up playgrounds from A to Z and turn them into turnkey. There are many things you can choose to set up an indoor playground, and we can offer you everything.

You have to choose between:

-plastic elements: plastic boxes, slides, tunnels, rockers, building sets, pallets and other
- sponge elements: cubes, numbered games or in letters, animals and other forms
-electric elements: rotating palm, electric cocoon, carousels, hamster roller, balloon house, etc.
-Elasticated trampolines, water trampolines, climbing walls, tyrolean, ballistic balls in various shapes,
-Massage and chairs as well as paviment in different colors

We can arrange your playground with any dreams, even if you do not find everything on the site. Any playground you imagine we can put into practice!

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