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25000.00 euro + TVA

 The arrangement contains: 

- Modular playground: 7.11m long x 10.4m width x 3.5m height,

- Palm Electric Carousel: 2.6m diameter, 2.7m height,

- Trampoline - double: 4.85m long x 2.31m width x 2.5m height

- Pavement 80 sqm, 2 cm thick


Product Name - Jungle Indoor Playground Arrangement

Dimensions - Total fitting area-minimum 80sqm (it can also be arranged on larger area)

Description and activities:

-Modular playground: Triple wave slide, spiral slide, 8cm plastic balls pool, double trampoline, horizontal roller obstacles, vertical roller obstacle, sponge vertical cylinder obstacles, multicolored access ladder, pole protection, belts tunnel, climbing ramp, 2 x triangular sponge obstacles, decorative elements and digital prints.

Palm Electric Carousel– interactive 8-seater electrical equipment with remote controlled ‘start’ and ‘stop’ functions. Provided with 0.75KW electric engine that can be set to two gears from the same remote control.

Double Trampoline size: 4.85m long x 2.31m width x 2.5m height

2cm thick, colored children's floor, applied to the entire surface-pleasant design and properties of damping, insulation, maintaining heat.

Age group - 0-3 years in the area dedicated to children under 4 years, 3-12 years for other equipment.

Total capacity - 40 children

Warranty - 24 months

Certifications - TUV/ EN 1176, ISCIR CERT

Delivery - Approximately 4-5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the layout

Materials used:

- Modular playground, climbing unit, Electric Palm tree: metal structure dressed in sponge and covered with colored, fireproof and resistant to intense wear PVC. The thickness of PVC is 0.9mm and the weight is 620gr/m2.  Unlike models that fit together rod by rod, our models have PVC with canvas insert, an advantage that gives it superior strength. The surrounding safety net is textile, made in the UK. ‘Pilsan’ brand superior quality plastics.

- Colorful pavement (children's floor) – EVA type, 2cm thick. Puzzle application. All materials comply with EU rules on the safety of playgrounds SR EN-1176, and SR-EN 1177

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