Good news for ice fun lovers! Now you can skate in any season, thanks to Waterboyz's revolutionary ecological skating rink!




It can be placed anywhere, without the need for special environmental conditions, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, the sliding surface is composed of panels which can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

It is very easy to transport and handle, being perfect for those with a mobile leisure activity, so it is perfect for events and rentals. It is resistant to UV rays and all-weather conditions.

This synthetic ice rink is suitable for shopping malls, fairs and outdoor events.

It is a high-quality EU made product that offers a skating experience extremely close to ice-skating one.

Apart from the fact that this synthetic ice rink can be a business in its own, it is also perfect for training those who practice certain sports like ice hockey or skating.

Surface maintenance is extremely easy compared to the classic ice rink. It does not need a continuous current source for operation, nor water. In our synthetic ice rink packages, you will find all the necessary elements: sliding surfaces, fence, skates, resins for skates as well as tools and solutions for the maintenance and cleaning of the synthetic ice rink.

You can size it by the shape and dimensions of your space.

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