Ticket Mountain
3000 euro + TVA
  • Price: please request an offer!
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Transport: included
  • For details please contact us.
  • If you've been visiting a game room lately, then you've probably found the new Ticket Mountain car.
  • As the most reliable and attractive ticket booth, this model offers even more features to be delighted with. As technology has progressed, there are many different ticket redemption options, different from traditional tickets.
  • The new cabin models have been designed as a versatile tool that adapts to these needs, keeping all the capabilities and quality of classic models, but with new features. 
  • Its main improvement is the station's ability to accept and recognize tickets of different lengths, as well as multiple barcode styles.
  • The machine can program which barcodes will or will not be accepted, while allowing promotions to run for a limited time and ensuring security, preventing counterfeit receipts.
  • It is simple to program. The operator can set up the device with a special SD card in Windows, install and quickly update the machine settings.


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