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4000 euro + TVA
  • Product Name – Titanic Inflatable Slide
  • Stitches - The slide features double, triple and quadruple stitches at key points.
  • Maximum capacity - 30 children.
  • Materials used - PVC-Industrial Tarpaulin. Thickness 0.55mm, density 620g / m2. A material resistant to UV rays, wind, weather.
  • Age: minimum 3 years
  • Equipment dimensions – 8 m length x 4.5 m width x 6 m height
  • Equipment's safety space dimensions - +2 m length and width
  • Warranty - 12 months, both for the slide and for the pump
  • Certifications - CE Certificate, EN 14690 regarding slides safety
  • Equipment – air pump, repair kit, transport and storage bag
  • Delivery - Please contact us for stock verification
  • They say the designer who created this slide was so impressed by the screening of the famous TITANIC, that he doted. However, he left behind a wonderful inflatable slide with two sliding slopes. The access ladder is located on the middle aisle and it is designed to be detachable (Velcro system). The sliding surfaces have two layers, the wear surface also being caught with “hedgehogs”, so it can be changed when it wears out. The slide has been improved with a new 3d drawing, and the figurine representing the ship's cabins is much closer to reality. The inflatable equipment has two 3d figurines at the end of the sliding area, reminding of the swirling waves in which the famous ship sank.
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