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600 x 500 x 660
CE, TUV, echivalent ISCIR CERT Romania
minim 3 ani

24 luni cu exceptia corzilor si hamurilor care sunt garantate 1000 sarituri

1 persoana
30 zile lucrătoare
Prices are not currently updated, for details please contact us.
9000 euro + TVA
Shipping is included in the price

No users: 1
Age: minimum 3 years
Maximum permissible weight: 90 kg
Certification: CE, TUV, equivalent ISCIR CERT Romania
Condition: New
Warranty: 24 months except ropes and harnesses which are guaranteed 1000 jumps
Lifespan: 60 months
Engines: 1 x 750 w
Installation time: 90 minutes -1 person
Packed for transport: length: 4m; height: 3 m; width: 3m

Mounted: length: 6m; height: 6.6m width: 5m.

Elastic mesh size: 4.27m diameter

Required area: 7m x 7m


Each area consists of bars supporting the elastic strings for jumping and the trampoline mesh fastened with springs within the equipment.

Information on the materials used:
1. High quality polypropylene elastic mesh that does not lose its shape easily

2. Nylon bungee elastic straps to support the jump - 300% elongation

3. Structure: galvanized metal

4. Springs with high elasticity to support the trampoline

5. High quality elastic support / harness systems

Price: 8750 euro + VAT

The price includes:

  • 1 winch at 750w
  • 1 trampoline -4.27m diam
  • 1 harnesses - the client chooses the size - xs, s, m, l
  • aluminum pipes
  • 1 set of elastic strings
  • pulleys
  • rifles
  • ropes, steel cables

Delivery: Delivery is made within 20-25 days from the date of signing the contract and registering the firm order (advance paid).

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