Trampoline Park Model 2

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4400 x 1900 x 500
TUV/ EN 1176, EN 1177
Cod: RO-178
3-12 ani
  • Pentru tarmbuline plasate în spațiu exterior (galvanizate): 3 ani
  • Pentru trambuline plasate în spațiu interior: 10 ani
30 de zile lucratoare
Prices are not currently updated, for details please contact us.
145000.00 euro + TVA

The trampoline complex can be mounted in rooms from 100m2 to 3000m2 or more. It may include a 'jump' area in a sponge pool, we can attach baskets for an extremely fun basketball game or it can be used for dodgeball.

Activities: The park can be customized to your choice with the following activity areas (within the space available): dodgeball area, sponge pool, free-jump area, and basketball area.

Materials: Galvanized pipe structure, outer shell made of sponge and pvc. Material properties: prolonged resistance to fire, wear and heavy traffic. The arches are reinforced and galvanized, as well as the other materials, non-toxic and do not harm the environment.


Model: RO-178


Dimensions: 44mL x 19ml x 5mH
Price: 120,000 EUR + VAT
Transport and Assembly: 15% of the product price.

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