Trampoline Park Waterboyz

The elastic trampolines were a hit since their appearance 20 years ago. For the first time we saw them in Mamaia Resort, a new, intriguing activity, but very attractive. Here's how, today, after so long, they are just as popular.

We took this concept to the next level, creating the Trampoline Park. Based on the same principle of elastic trampolines, the park brings together dozens of jumping mats in a single ensemble. What’s new and the most important difference from the 'traditional' trampolines is the nearly vertical jumpers on the edge of the trampoline park. The trampoline complex can range from about 50 m2 up to 1000 m2 or even more. It can include a jumping area in a pool with sponges, we can attach two basketball baskets for a very fun basketball game, or it can be used for dodgeball. The list of activities does not stop there - you can practice dance, fitness, gymnastics, and celebrate birthdays! Our team offers customized consulting and customization for your space, so you can have a clear picture of the future of your Trampoline Park. The 3d project is free, and our designer and engineer will design the future park for your wishes.

It is an extremely fun but very healthy activity, strengthens the muscles and improves the balance. There is no age limit for users of this trampoline park. Teens are so excited after this new activity, especially because they can play their favorite sports in a fun way on an elastic surface. We know that there is currently a market failure in terms of child-rearing for over 11-12 years old, but this new idea may be the business that fills this market gap.

The hall in which such a park will be installed shall have a minimum of 50 m2 and a height of at least 3 m.

Technical information: the trampoline park is slammed on a metal frame provided with spring holes. The elastic mesh we use is the finest quality, made in Italy, and a 5 cm strip resists a weight of 200 kg.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

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