19600 euro + TVA
  • Dimensions: 139 x 139 x 212cm
  • Weight: 245kg
  • Power: 230 / 115V
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Transport: included
  • For details please contact us
  • Fun for all ages, the Trolls redemption game is ideal for 1-4 players who can enjoy it simultaneously, which means big profits for the gaming rooms.
  • The operation is simple. Press the button to remove one of the many pucks from the rotating playground and the RFID pointing platform.
  • Players must do everything timed, in order to win the "ticket tower" packages, each one labeled with different values.
  • The scanner sees how much the puck is worth, then sells the appropriate amount of tickets to the player, while returning the puck to the field. This means less and less time for the player.
  • The spinning game uses modern technology, based on the reloading design of Tower Of Tickets. The large dome is designed of acrylic material, which protects the internal mechanisms against dust and angry customers.
  • The reflective rotating base allows the game to be simple, and the presentation of the prizes is done in a very attractive way.
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