• Outdoor fitness devices are an innovation, designed to bring movement to everyone's reach. Today's daily life habits involves a lot of sedentarism. Because of this, people need time for movement and sport and, by extension, a space dedicated to them. Therefore, fitness machines can be located in parks, gardens or specially designed areas.
  • Outdoor sport is much more beneficial to both the body and the brain. Numerous studies have concluded that even a few minutes of movement in outer space improve mental functions, blood circulation and muscle oxygenation.
  • The placement of these fitness equipment guarantees the interest and attraction of people, regardless of age group, the devices being designed to adapt to each other's needs. They work using each user's own weight and inertia, this way making them easy for anyone to use.
  • Fitness machines are now a MUST HAVE for any play space! We encourage movement, so we offer you the widest range of new generation fitness machines, ideal for parks, outdoor facilities, kindergartens, schools and playgrounds. We also have special fitness machines, designed for people with disabilities!
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